Thursday, March 12, 2009

The 6th Sense.. Reality?

Often the human imagination is far more advanced that human technological innovation, and in reality this makes a great deal of sense: before 'it' can be, 'it' must be dreamed. This is often reflected in popular society, mostly in the form of movies IE Star Trek, Star Wars, The Matrix and such. Often we have the ability to dream of innovation that is nearly impossible to recreate, case and point: 'Beam me up Scottie.' What I find fascinating is when technology finally catches up to our imaginations. As you will see in the following clips, the smart folks at MIT have began to make our lust for Tom Cruise's awesomeness in Minority Report that much closer to a reality in the form of advanced digital interface between people and data.


Nicole S said...

Very interesting. I'm waiting on the machine that does my makeup automatically in the morning.

PoorMan'sBlog said...

Oh yes, me too.. the roads will be much safer once this is invented!