Friday, April 17, 2009

Evolution of Social Media

I've been proud to watch social media over the past five years and its growth into one to the most powerful forms of communication and interpersonal interaction available. It's also interesting to watch the ad industry's different techniques for utilizing the influence of person to person dialogue via social platforms. I stumbled onto this new campaign by Ford Motor Co. for the new Ford Fiesta (back from the dead, if you remember the old Fiesta), appropriately title the Fiesta Movement. In a bold move, they are attempting to launch the model strictly on social media platforms, by providing 100 real people with a FREE Fiesta for 6 months, and then asking them to 'tell their story.' They are to blog, tweet, update and post their experiences, opinions and such on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogger etc. Very interesting, and honestly very ballsy. Good luck Ford, you guys need it.

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