Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Viral Done Right

I enjoy seeing when a Brand get's the premise of viral done correctly. I'm not a fan of overt viral branding, as is often done, to no prevail. The idea here is that you want to create somethings awesome (or useful), and hope that other people feel that thing is awesome (or useful), so much that they feel compelled to share that awesomeness (or usefulness) with someone else... and so begins the spread IE impressions. It's also key not to litter the content with your brand or message - therefore making people feel like a communications tool, instead of a participant in spreading awesome. I ran into this video, that I personally felt was just pure genius. I love the mash-up of two relatively simple and long existing elements (sheep herding and light bulbs) to creating something new and intriguing - thus representing LED technology. Well done Samsung, I'll gladly participate in the spread - buying a TV ummmm, not right now.

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