Thursday, April 23, 2009

Springfest @ McCannNY

I got very lucky and was invited to attend SpringFest, which was held at McCann Erickson NY (it didn't hurt that I happen to work there too). It was a wonderful day full of innovative concepts in media, social behavior and design. All very relevant and awesome topics for someone like myself, engaged in Strategic Planning on a daily basis. This was a FREE conference offered up by McCann and Brainjuicers - I applaud them both for going against the status quo of pay to play collaboration events.

Of the many memorable intellectuals that spoke, I was highly impressed with the concepts brought forth by Mitchell Joachim - co-founder of Terraform1 and honestly he's a design genius. His mass transit concepts helped to fuel the transportation scenes in the movie Minority Report, which is one of my all time favorite movies (and again shows if we can imagine it, it can be created once technology and demand catches up with our imaginations).

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